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The potential....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 16 October 2010
Rating:   8

The Weeping Angels are one of the best new monsters on Doctor Who. This second outing for the statues is on the whole highly entertaining and gripping. Were it not for the woefully over the top climax of Amy jumping on the poor Doc and trying to eat him. And Steven Moffat has broken the rules here. Never, repeat never, should the Doctor swear! Heroes dont swear!!! For goodness sake man, I hope you never falter like this again. Its such a shame mate. For the rest of the story is highly engrossing. the new stuff we learn about the weeping angels is fascinating. And even so, theres still something mysterious about them even after all this. And their use is very well done, suitably different from Blink and still just as frightening. Pity Steven deciced to include those two disastrous pieces in the second part. up til those two I was thinking this was one of the best stories of Doctor Who ever. But sadly, no. The ending is moronic in the extreme. But at least its explained in the next tale, I suppose....

The Vampires of Venice is the opposte of the above story. In the fact that it starts so so lamely but then rises to a far better ending than a lot of the new series stories. The annoying scene is the Doc saying to Amy's boy that shes a great kisser. Sorry, this is totally not the Doctor Ive come to know. Totally out of character. But at least this soon leads into a good tale, where the Doc actually brings Rorry along to get Amy off his case. Really cool idea. For one moment I though Amy was going to become as annoying as Rose. Happily, this is not the case. The Vampires themselves are excellent. Those girls grouped around the Doc has to be one of the best scenes of the new series. Rory's dippiness too is brilliant. I really like Arthur Darvill's portrayal of Rory. He's better than Karen most of the time. Nothing against Karen though. Shes brilliant enough. Just a little sad that a few weaknesses mar these episodes somewhat. But not as much as some of the earlier stories, by any means....

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