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Well....not a total hit series...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 15 July 2010
Rating:   5

But Matt Smith is an excellent Doctor, that much cannot be disputed. Just sad that first the THE ELEVENTH HOUR and then that shoddy and oathetic finale were such tripe.

The Eleventh Hour isnt as bad as the finale though. It does boast some good scenes, like the food scenes for a start. But otherwise what the hell does Prisoner Zero do other than stand about hissing at people? It does scrap all else along the way. So it takes on the image of a man and a, highly original stuff I must say...NOT. I am surprised that after the brilliance of BLINK and Silence in the Library Steven Moffat should come out with pure nearly disastrous rubbish. The only thing that saves this story at all is the nice hark back to the past foes and Doctors scene, and Matt and Karen's acting. Otherwise this story is tedious and totally forgettable.

Thank goodness the series really picks up with THE BEAST BELOW, one of the best examples of the new series, and basically one of the few of them not to suffer from many bad elements along the way. This is a classic tale. The Star Whale is sadly only seen at the very end of the tale though, the one bad thing about it. But it is a lovely looking creature. The plot runs along at an engaging and brillaint pace though. The sick scene is good fun and this is what the new series should have been more like: very entertaining with a good storyline to go with it.

And then we come to the only just about good Victory of The Daleks. They copy almost word for word there statements in power of the daleks, doing the same deception all over again, making sure humans believe them to be on their side and then change as soon as the Doctor turns up. And yet again no one believes him until its too late. And then we get spitfires in space...well, didnt Mark already write something similar in his bbc novel Last of the Gaderene? Well, maybe im just too picky but please stop just reusing elements of the past and think of something new. The daleks slatted new sections make them look like christmas trees in all. The normal battle daleks are far better and more mean looking than these techinclour oafs. What saves this tale again is mostly the acting of all involved. Sad that overall this first set is such a let down. And for the rest of the series its just as up anf down im afraid in my opinion....

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