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Again with the twists

By:writing blue bear, jersey
Date:Monday 24 January 2011
Rating:   8

I've always moaned about ice warrior voices on audio. However this time it works.

Demos is a classic who story and again a powerful twist carrying along the sub plot.

Another interesting twist is everyone challenging the doctor's views and beliefs. As a listener you get pulled in asking what would I do - "leg it and save myself"

Another Ice Warrior Story

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 7 May 2019
Rating:   7

Deimos has the usual elements of an Ice Warrior story. A bunch of frozen Ice Warriors are foolishly unfrozen. They choose to find some kind of ionizer or other device to terraform somewhere, Earth-colonized Mars in this case, to restore their home planet. The story has some great character performances, but otherwise does not escape from pro forma story.

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