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flat and a little lifeless

By:writingbluebear, jersey
Date:Monday 1 November 2010
Rating:   7

Nevermore, never really goes anywhere convincing. Whilst the plot is clever and generally entertaining, over it feels flat and at times rushed.

As the first story with a new companion there is nothing that stands out or gives anything original from the new partnership. Only time will tell if this new duo is to bring in the crowds.

Poor Poe

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Wednesday 29 October 2014
Rating:   5

Alan Barnes reveals his background in comic books on this attempted update of Poe. It is a very comic booky idea to have a prison for one person on a planet surrounded by the red death, a prison run by an obsessed neurotic. It just really does not make much sense. How would giant robot ravens be in any way a sophisticated guard system? These would be ungainly, clunking, and pretty much useless as robots. Since when does a judge or other public official have the capital and authority to create an elaborate prison? On and on we go. The whole thing seems designed merely to get heaps of Poe into Doctor Who without actually having Poe, though even then we do get him a bit in flashback. On the bright side, Tamsin seems to be working out, as a very traditional sort of traveling companion.

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