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Excellent end ??

By:David Thomas, Liverpool
Date:Monday 2 August 2010
Rating:   9

This story brings this trilogy to end and very successful it is too. Great to hear John Leeson as K9 too and Louise Jameson excellent as ever.

Another Time Circle

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 29 January 2019
Rating:   7

This story becomes the end of a trilogy that we did not really know was going to be a trilogy. Leela lies dying, seemingly, and recalls an adventure with The Doctor. Or, is the adventure happening now? There is quite a bit of Heinlein style "nearly every character is really the same character" playing with time. Louise Jameson does a pretty good Tom Baker impression, getting the cadences and quirks of his performance with great accuracy. John Leeson gets a nice turn, playing both K-9 and another character, and doing so with great gusto. This story is fun and confusing in turns.

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