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By:Joe Ford, London
Date:Sunday 12 May 2002
Rating:   10

Possibly my favourite entry in the series yet this book relies heavily on it's tense, foreboding atmosphere, scary monsters and terrific twist ending. It is full of graphic images that stick in your head long after the book is completed. The TARDIS team at this point surpass any others in the BBC or Virgin ranges. Another strong offering from Johnathon Morris.

It has its moments...

By:John Ellison, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Date:Saturday 1 June 2002
Rating:   7

A very solid story although I found it tedious at times. The ending managed to take it from the 5 I had been contemplating to the 7 I ended up giving it! The real gems of this time piece however are in the moments where the Doctor is still clearly coming to grips with his "human-ness". Morris is on the mark. I walked away convinced something BIG is happening. Well worth the time I put into it.


By:Jerry Lewandowski, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Date:Thursday 27 June 2002
Rating:   9

All I can say is that this is Doctor Who at its finest. If you can get past the cheesy monsters (of course, if this were on television, we'd be overlooking them anyway), you find a very exciting, fast paced story that pits the Doctor and companions against human nature itself. Plot twists and turns on almost every page. The story just kept you guessing what will happen and just when you thought one thing was going to happen, something else does instead. and the surprise ending leaves you wanting to know more.

Kudos to the author on a job well done.

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