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Fairy tales and Cybermen

By:writingbluebear, jersey
Date:Sunday 20 June 2010
Rating:   8

Legend is a fantastic finish to this trilogy, drawing on a top 10 all time classic doctor who story. This gives Legend so much to play with. As in Titan at times this is taken too far or goes on too long. One opportunity lost was to create the same sounds and feeling as the original. Despite this there are outstanding moments, sad ones and ended the only way it could.

What a brilliant story...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 15 August 2010
Rating:   9

At last...a cyberman story with a difference.

I can think of no better thing than a sequel to the brilliant Mind Robber all those years ago when dear old Pat was the Doc and time travelling was exhilerating and fun and scary all at the same time. And as a sequel to that masterful story, this story also succeeds admirably.

It is good to have a plot invloving cybermen when they are doing more than simply converting people. This time they are after the master brain!

And what brilliant twists and turns there are all along the way in this tale. Jamie not being real as the big reveal at the end of episode two is quite brilliantly done and scripted, and rather saddening. It adds a dark overtone to this trilogy of Colin Baker stories.

And when the good old Doc finally gets Zoe away from the Land of Fiction and she loses her memory once more, it really is a sad end to the series.

And to hear the toy soldiers clunking along again! What nostalgic brilliance. And that creepy void echo is back again. A real otherworldy score which definitely chills one to the bone.

I have only one complaint about this story: The white robot sound isnt the same!!! What a felony! But one cant have everything and maybe Big finish wanted to put there own touch onto these classic robots. After all, they have been updated I suppose. This is one of the strongest Doctor Who audio tales since No Man's Land....Brilliant stuff!

Overdone Climax Syndrome

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 13 March 2018
Rating:   6

"Legend of the Cybermen" has an interesting premise. What would the overly logical Cybermen do in the Land of Fiction? The trouble with the story is that it suffers in two ways: 1) Big Finish felt the need for a huge, sweeping ending, which is always hard to do with just a few actors and is never quite as thrilling as it sounds, and 2) The setting is a place where anything is possible, so without the constraints on narrative logic, the writer gets lazy about how the plot works. The second trouble is apparent in the explanation of how Zoe arrived in the Land of Fiction with the Cybermen. She just thought her way there? It seems so easy if one is plugged into a Cyber computer just to punch a hole in reality. The first trouble is apparent in that much of the dialogue is spent on describing the action: "Look, there's a something, and it has those, and looks like this, and I never thought I'd live to see a that thing with that other thing attached, and see the hordes of Xs coming our way, they have...." The story does have some clever jokes, such as when Jamie almost writes himself out of existence by becoming metafiction. There's a great scene in which Jamie confronts the Doctor on why he never returned to look in on Jamie and Zoe. So, a real mixed bag this time.

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