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Scotland the Brave

By:writingbluebear, Jersey
Date:Sunday 25 April 2010
Rating:   9

The return of jamie has been handled with great strength and at last some mystery in the story arc. City of Spires creates a vivid picture of an alternative highlands, with a strong cast and a great ending, what's next?

Och aye, Jamie lad...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 29 September 2010
Rating:   10

Frazer Hines.

That is the main reason for me wnting to get this story. I loved his portrayal of Jamie on the TV, the most likeable of the Doctor's companions. Strong and dependable and reliable. Fiercely loyal to the Doctor through all their many travels, overcoming even the relevant hiccup in The Evil of the Daleks. And that is why I liked him so much in those classic stories.

And now that dear Pat is gone, he is one of the few remaining reminders of that series. And so what was he like once more appearing with Colin Baker?
The answer is excellent.

This is a pseudo historical that starts the Doctor/ Jamie trilogy off very well indeed. Their are real characters here. But Georgia Moffett and Frazer definitely shine along the way. But the whole cast is fine picked and brings the story to life. Red Cap is an interesting little villain too.

Frazer is as great as he ever was. He gels with Colin just as much as he did with Patrick. He is such a fine actor. And the end of this story is marvellous. It leaves questions and so you really want to find out what happens next in the trilogy.

Good Beginning For A Trilogy

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Saturday 11 December 2010
Rating:   7

Since Nick Briggs took over the "Doctor Who" line at Big Finish, the general quality of scripts has gone up. "City of Spires" is solid "Doctor Who" in the grand tradition. The Doctor lands in Scotland, gets immediately embroiled in the politics, but finds something decidedly wrong about the whole arrangement. Along the way, he meets his old friend Jamie, who strangely has forgotten more than he should have. The story runs along at a good clip, with plenty of adventure, action, derring-do, captures, and escapes. The story also works well as a setup for the "Jamie" trilogy. We get the mystery of the "black water," the anachronisms, and some indications that someone else is working behind the scenes.

What works against the story is a weak finish and unconvincing sound effects of a mob rioting revolution. There are some suspiciously coincidental meetings in which the Doctor and Jamie are looking for each other and just happen to find each other. At the end, the Doctor just takes off with Jamie and does not investigate the mysteries, especially the time problems. He just does not seem sufficiently outraged that someone must be manipulating time.

However, the story is a good adventure, well paced and functional.

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