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Great to see

By:Matt Saunders, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 4 March 2010
Rating:   9

Great to see these again, as I got rid of my videos many years ago. Well, sold them. The Space Museum is a little rubbish at times, but generally good fun. WH plays the part of the Doctor with a bit of humour, and Ian is wonderful with his fisticuffs!! Some of the acting is terrible, but I like the first episode very much. Creepy.

It also leads very nicely on to the Chase. A classic story in my eyes, and one that delivers some great humour too. Great to see the Mechanoids of Mechanus (how very Terry Nation!) and I love the Empire State Building bit.

The extras were great too - particularly enjoyed the visit of Ray Cusick popping to BBC Wales - brilliant. Well done Restoration Team.

Good to see more WH on DVD - there's not much left for them to bring out now - only four more to go, so it was good to have these in 2010.

The Great Space Chase!

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 6 March 2010
Rating:   9

There are usually stories that are put to the back of the que in Doctor Who wrongly. They are often judged forgettable or just plain terrible. But what is strange is that The Space Museum is neither of these in any huge way. Yes, the acting may sometimes be like polythene compared to twelve inch steel, but there is plenty to offer in this story. Everyone says how intriguing the first episode is, and this is true, but the last three arent quite as bad as many people make out. There is good comedy moments aplenty, a good section of Doctor Who is when Willian Hartnell is placed in that memory chair, and the things he makes appear on the mind scanner are just plainly frigging comedy of the highest order. And the fights for the time seem quite well done overall, especially the ones involving William Russell. And good to see Maureen getting to lead the revolution for a change. So that is quite a good defence for this first story in this dual release.

The Chase has even more comedy, but also some very nasty moments too. We get to see the daleks being paticularly nasty to the aridians, just killing for no other reason than they are of no use at all. And then theres the excellent looking final battle sequence between the daleks and the mechanoids. Very good indeed for the time. I dont like Richard Martin's overtly rubbish talk about this serial. He doesnt give himself enough credit! Some of the comedy again on this story is brilliant too. Morton Dill especially, one of the best comic scenes of Doctor Who altogether. And all the cast are excellent on thiis.

The farewell of Ian and Barbara is very well and nicely handled. A genuinely happy goodbye, with William Hartnell's bluster being just because he knows he'll miss them more than anything else coming across clearly. A great set of two stories that shouldnt be as put aside as they often are....

The thrill of the chase....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 31 May 2010
Rating:   9

It is true that the first episode of The Space Museum is better than the other three put together, but Im still liking this tale more than Pyramids of Mars and Robots Of Death. My favourite scene is when the Doc puts all those images on that flippin telly, hilarious comedic moment!!! The first part is highly atmospheric, and is somewhat let down a little bit by the follow on, but not as much as the aforementioned Tom Baker boring tales.

But the Chase is brilliant. It boasts great comedy, the "Oooh Archie!" scene is in my book the funniest doctor who moment ever i think. The mire beasts aint that bad a design at all either, just apart from when they flop everywhere, but i suppose real octopi do that all the time. And i love it when that silly daleks runs itself off the sailing ship into the water, rummin brilliant laughs.

The mechanoids and daleks sequence is extremely well done for the time. very chaotic and brilliantly directed, and i do wish Richard Martin would stop having such a go at this story in the documentary, he doesnt even accept his own talent, the humble bloke. And the sets are all pretty well done all in all, i love the haunted house especially.

Ian and Barabra's leaving scene is done very well indeed. A nice and fitting end to two brilliant companions time in the series. its sad Jacqueline is no longer with us, would have been nice to have had her in a companion chronicle.

All in all, some very good Doctor Who indeed!!!

Run Away !

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 10 October 2013
Rating:   7

The Space Museum.
Like The Sensorites, this story has a wonderful haunting, genuinely creepy first episode followed by episodes of uter tedium. Thankfully the Space Museum is only a 4 parter. The only thing of interest outside the first episode is when the Doctoris being quizzed.
The extras on this DVD are very thin.
The Chase
Easily the worst Dalek story ever. 6 episodes of silliness that never seems to go anywhere with the absolute low point the robot "Doctor" how would that fool anyone???? The story had one lovely scene, Ian & Barbra getting back home and running around London like giddy, lovestruck teenagers.
The DVD is rescued by an excellent set of (mostly) Dalek relegated extras including some 60's film of Shawcroft model makers who created most of the monsters seen in 60's Who.

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