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The Doctor's amnesia is now tedious

By:Wolfgang Bailey, Harrogate, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 26 March 2023
Rating:   3

I appreciated the need to have a bit of a roll back after having the Doctor and Fitz travelling around in a walking talking TARDIS that their sulky mate had turned into (although it at least made Compassion a less dull character), but the amnesia is boring now. I had intended to read every single one (except Vampire Science if that remains impossible to get hold of for under £60), but I'm not sure I can be bothered with this now.

Grimm Reality is the first one I've given up on, even some of the really rubbish ones I still finished.

I feel like perhaps the person who made the decision that the overarching narrative had become too prohibitive for new readers had a point, and they needed to make them a bit less "if you haven't read all the ones before you won't get it", but by this point I'm convinced they over-corrected. They went too far the other way. I thought maybe Miranda, and perhaps "the doctor's father" from Unnatural History might go somewhere (and on the father character, Sam's story and the Doctor's biodata were a really clever way to make the 8th doctor and the TV movie canon without changing anything from classic-Who) but now it seems like all of the last few have been extremely disposable. They're just Fitz meeting someone he fancies, the Doctor not remembering who he is, and Anji being a completely different character sometimes in between chapters depending on what the story requires.

I definitely feel like this book series needs some kind of story arc, or at least a succession of smaller ones.

I also miss Sam. Sam was great when she wasn't being written about by meb in a very creepy way given she was meant to be 16

If anyone has any recommendations or encouragement for me to finish the books I'll gladly hear it. Or if they can at least confirm that there is eventually something of a story arc/some smaller story arcs to keep me interested

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