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What's wrong with it?

By:Francis Salvi, Chester, United Kingdom
Date:Friday 17 September 2010
Rating:   10

I'm a big fan of Season 24, and the Seventh Doctor is my favourite. Shoot me. If you watch Time and the Rani with the same attitude as I do, its a really enjoyable story.

People criticise McCoy in this story for being too clownish, but if you look at some of his scenes with Mel in the Rani's laboratory, he takes on a melancholy feel. And for those criticisong the regeneration, might I recommend the novel 'Spiral Scratch'?

The Rani is on top form here. I didn't like Mark of the Rani all that much, maybe because it felt too out of place in the mostly sci-fi centred Season 22, but here the Rani is brilliant. Her plan is a good one, and as a rarity in Doctor Who, is scientifically feasible.

All in all, another under-rated story that really doesn't deserve the stick it gets.

An unfairly maligned piece of brilliance

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 18 September 2010
Rating:   10

I have to agree with Francis review below. Time And The Rani is far from the worst Doctor Who story ever. It has much to recommend it above a lot of other stories from the eighties, and indeed from Sylvester's own time as the Doctor.

Time and the Rani firstly boasts some of the very best effects used on the classic series. The regeneration may not be the best ever, but its not Sylv's fault that Colin didnt want to come back to do just a silly regeneration scene (and i cant blame him, his treatment by the BBC was frankly disgusting) Those swirling traps were quite frankly the best effect ever, including the so called brilliant new series.

The acting is also very commendable and brilliantly done by all the main actors. The scene were Faroon finds out it is her daughter who has died is a particularly well handled and touching little scene, which puts padi yet again to the theory that classic Doctor Who was never all that high on emotion.

The tetraps too are one of the better Doctor Who monsters, those rotating eyes look brilliant and the voice is excellent too. The neat little plot twist once Urak discovers the extent of the Rani's plans is brilliantly subtle, so he goes and gets ready to take his revenge on her! Brilliantly done.

Bonnie Langford too was nowhere near as bad as a lot of people made her out to be. She was a dependable and honest and above all else interesting companion. Her scenes with the newly regenerated Doctor are memorable and brilliantly done. Andrew Morgan didnt do too bad a job at all on this excellent piece of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who is often maligned for its use of comedy, but the comedy in Doctor Who is quite frankly totally awesome and funny and is a vital ingredient of the best Doctor Whos. The comedy here, particularly in the amnesiac Doctor misquoting phrases is particularly brilliant.

And to top it all of Kate O'Mara puts in a far better performance than her first outing as the Rani, and that was excellent enough. She does Mel absolutely comically and excellently. One of the best performances ever in Doctor Who. Add to that mix a brilliant debut from Sylv who looks like he's been in the role for ages and you get one of the finest examples of eighties Who. Even the usual quarry setting is handled better than usual, with the sky tinted red. It truly does feel alien.

John Nathan Turner seemed to be often accused of bringing Doctor Who down into the dumps. A lie. Thanks John for having the eye to notice a good story when you see one! Its sad he's gone. He was a real breath of fresh air for Doctor Who.

The good, the bad, and Time and the Rani

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 10 March 2011
Rating:   1

'Time and the Rani' is quite frankly god-awful. The story is boring and ridiculous, the dialogue is unrealistic and over-long, and the production values are not anything to shout about, either.
As an introductory story, this is like 'The Twin Dilemma' on steroids. 'TTD' had an old Time Lord friend of the Doctor, 'TATR' throws in a Time Lord, but oh wait she's the Doctor's enemy, and she's female! 'TTD' had child geniuses, 'TATR' also has geniuses, but oh look there's Albert Einstein! And 'TTD' had a rubbish effect in Mestor - need I mention the giant (paper) brain.
Pip and Jane Baker's story is utter madness and doesn't really make a lot of sense most of the time. The characters are also poorly acted at times, Mel especially!
Overall, a very weak story, my least favourite ever!


By:Tarquin Summerbutts, Paris, France
Date:Wednesday 18 January 2012
Rating:   10 this very much indeed.


By:David Harding, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 27 October 2015
Rating:   10

Fantastic fun, really exciting and fun to watch from beginning to end!

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