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As dull as I remember it...

By:Matt Saunders, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 19 January 2010
Rating:   5

...I was under the illusion that this was good when I listened to the Audio version. Sadly I was wrong - they are both quite dull. Some good bits, but mainly perdictable Pertwee stuff. There are many more Pertwee stories to come out - which are much better.

Tales of Childhood

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 3 February 2010
Rating:   8

Two tales from my early years of watching Dr Who.
The Curse is a delightful romp through caves and dark castles with the third Doctor & Jo go in search of Aggedor. The Monster retreads a lot of Curse and at 6 episodes loses its way a bit.
Some nice extras especially the Ice Warriors story. The commentary track is fun as well. Recommended.

Have I Got Doctor Who For You

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 27 April 2010
Rating:   9

I suppose you could probably say this is the closest Doctor Who got to a political satire, although to be honest these are merely 'themes' that run throughout. 'Curse' reflects the UK's decision to join the EU (then the EEC), and more blatantly in 'Monster' we have references to the miners' strike.
'The Curse of Peladon' is by far superior to its 1974 sequel. We are introduced to a menagerie of aliens, including the Ice Warriors, Arcturus (creepy voice) and the brilliant Alpha Centauri. The villain here is not who you'd expect, though!
Other well-played characters are David "Son of Patrick" Troughton as the King and Hepesh, the dodgy High Priest. Aggedor doesn't look too bad, either!
'Monster' is a bit more rubbish. As a 6-parter it has to spread out its slightly sparse material out even longer, and I think the miners strike references could have been toned down a bit more. Plaudits have to go to Elisabeth Sladen in only her first season - she does well here.
Extras include 'The Peladon Saga', looking at not just the making-of but also social references (in the vein of 'What Lies Beneath'), and 'The Warriors of Mars', an Ice Warriors documentary (better than 'Sssowing the Ssseedsss' on the Seeds of Death DVD).

I might be different....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 31 May 2010
Rating:   8


What this first story boasts is some excellent set design, this really does have the feel of a medieval castle. It is one of the most convincing sets in a long time on Doctor Who.

It also boasts a lot of good alien characters, who are all ok in there own ways i suppose. But for me this story is two things, one its more like a stage play, with so much talking and very little action at all.

It may boast a far more convincing fight scene than its larger accomplice to come, and the set may look fresh and imaginative, but this is all too stagnant and boring for me. Not that I have anything against the actors involved, i just dont think its quite as good a story as many people seem to make out. Yeah, im different i know.


Now this story may boast some rather noticeable flaws along the way, the fight scene in part four in particular, and who can forget the refinery door and the miners who all come back to life several times throughout the show? But if youre like me, and can look past visual flaws and get to the heart of what the story itself is all about, then maybe you could see it in as cool a light as i do.

I like this story far more than Curse. For one, it is none stop. And apart from the very obvious face of Terry Walsh in part four, all the action scenes are rather well handled to be fair.

And I know what a lot of people say about Nina Thomas as Thalira, and Im here to disagree. This character is one In fell in love with when i first saw this tale. She instantly became one of my favourite one off characters and has been ever since.

What I really like far better in this story is the amount of actual interest. Miners on strike, monstrous ghosts breathing heat rays, and one very good element of this story is I never really expected the main villain to be Eckersley, wonderfully underplayed by Donald Gee. And of course, Ralph Watson is just right as the ever so radical and mad Ettis, as good a character as the series ever gives us.

And Elizabeth Sladen is well and truly getting into the role of the oh so wonderful Sarah Jane Smith. I think her scenes as she thinks the good old Doc is dead are wonderfully acted. That scene in the refinery when her tears fall on the Doc's face are some of the best in Jon's time as the Doctor.

Yes, so even with all the fluffs and flaws and loose haemaphrodite heads and viewable feet (just look!) , this story is still an excellent one full of action and excitement from the word go. I really like this second tale a lot. Far far better than the mediocre Curse.

It may tread some of the same ground as Curse, but Monster is so much better at presenting it. And if you can get the bbc audio cd, then you can hear this tale without any flaws at all! which is even better! This is a programme that used to have very little budget, so cut the crews and cast some slack please. With all the trouble they had its a wonder half the stories made it to screen. And as Monster didnt have as high a budget as Curse, its still by far the better tale in my view!!!

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