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Great but a little rushed

By:writingbluebear, Jersey
Date:Tuesday 29 December 2009
Rating:   8

I enjoyed Cyberman 2: it carried on the season 1's compelling plot, still had a great cast and introduced some very good new ones and one of our favourite baddies are still handled very well. All this rolled up and delivered with a great sound track with a strong sense of atmosphere.

Without giving too much away, my issue is the conclusion, it just felt too quick and a little unrealistic. Part 4 could have been 2 parts to flesh out the plot or give the whole thing a better ending. Like many doctor who endings just a little too easy, with a better end it could have been a 9 or perhaps a 10.

However I feel about the ending overall Cyberman 2 is still a great story and worth a listen.

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