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Far less niggles than that stupid series

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 1 July 2010
Rating:   9

What you get is yes, quite the worst disguise yet for the Master. But for the King's Demons this actually appears to be the only problem. The rest of the story is good in every way. There is nothing wrong with the story itself, and the location and sets are very impressive indeed. And Gerald Flood just happens to make a very decent first appearance as Kamelion: and he looks very impressive, but due to its shortcomings only appears twice in the whole series. Which is quite sad. Far better and more understandable a story than that woeful rubbish that was The Pandorica Opens and the even more stupid The Big Bang.

Planet of Fire is one of my favourite Peter storys. It has the quite breathtaking location for a start. It has a strong first appearance from Nic Bryant. And it hs a good storyline for the miniature Master. Quite a flipping good idea. Good to see Mark get a meaty last story as well. He was an interesting character, never fully realised to his full potential. Cant say much about cut down movie extras, I hate cut down versions! But I dont mind exteneded versions! but 66 mins of quite frankly incomprehensible edits makes you wonder what the stories about in this form. And the effects are actually quite questionably fake looking. But the original is quite first class and one of the best Who stories ever, let alone one of the best Peter Davison stories. these two stories come recommended. Not that new series finale though. It just isnt Doctor Who whatsoever.

One great, one not so great

By:Glyn Viney, Newport, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 17 April 2011
Rating:   7

Out of the two, surprisingly I find The Kings' Demons the better tale. Succint and a great entry for Kamelion.

Planet of Fire has never rated highly for me, but the Special Edition with confusing cuts, and a pointless prologue, just makes a bad story worse.

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