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Might Have Better as Full Cast Audio

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 9 August 2021
Rating:   7

This story is a typical Companion Chronicles endeavor. The companion is narrating the story, there is one other voice actor, and the story's focus is squarely on the companion, with The Doctor pretty much out of the picture for most the duration. Interestingly, this one manages to have a good reason, revealed at the end, for both the companion as narrator and the presence of the other voice, one integral to the story and not merely down to a visitor from the outside. Eddie Robson has not done so well in providing reasons for The Doctor being largely missing. For some reason, he is negotiating a conference trying to avert a war, a bit obviously active for The Doctor, and so cannot devote any attention to whatever is going on with Bennie. She is there for an archaeological conference, when she hears about a "forbidden language," and so just has to stick her nose in and make it unforbidden. The plot has too many moments where something happens merely because the writer needs it to happen. It's a nice little jaunt for the Doctor 7 & Bennie pairing.

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