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By:writingbluebear, jersey
Date:Saturday 26 December 2009
Rating:   8

The final in the trilogy pulls everything together, having zombies was great, the setting dark and holding off the daleks till the end really adds to the plot. Lots of twists and turns some good acting from the supporting cast. Whilst a strong 8 for me if a little darker, chimes of midnight dark, it could have been a 9 or 10 but still great.

Attack of the Clones

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Wednesday 17 February 2010
Rating:   7

Pun intended...
Warning: Some moderate spoilers ahead.

Plague of the Daleks brings us to the end of the Stockbridge trilogy featuring the fifth Doctor and Nyssa. After the events of The Eternal Summer, time has catapulted them forward, to the end of time for Stockbridge. Things are appear normal... at first. But appearances can be deceptive. As oddities increase in number, the truth of the situation is finally revealed to the Doctor and Nyssa... and then the excitement begins. As the villagers suddenly begin a monstrous transfomation, it's a case of 'out of the frying pan into the fire' as Daleks awaken from centuries-long slumber...

An engaging end to the trilogy, and a fairly good Dalek story.

A great flaming tale...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 1 July 2010
Rating:   10

And considering this happens to be Mark Morris's second audio tale and first full length one, its very impressive indeed.

The story is flipping gripping from the outset. When the good old Doc and Nyssa arrive in creepy Stockbridge once more for the last of this trilogy. And then come them freaky crows! and then to top it all off you get the rain clouds and the cricket zombies and the moaning old git of a woman in the exploration group. Man that kind of person may just start to grate on you after a while. but her husbands storyline is sad and disgusting indeed. But the fact that the daleks arent in it to the end of episode two is no bad thing: prooves you dont need daleks all the way to have a thoroughly repulsive story with many nasty things going around in it.

Nice to hear Keith Barron back again. He was so good in Enligtenment, and he is pretty good again here.

The Doc becoming a dalek but misleading them dumb pepper pots has never been done in quite so an amusing way. The elements of the story all come together for a rather brilliant end to the trilogy in stockbridge. This is fine story writing of the first degree. This is more like a horror story than a doctor who: one of those really sadly rare types of stories...

Routine Dalek Story

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 10 August 2015
Rating:   7

The end of the Stockbridge Trilogy brings the Daleks in as they are often brought in, to boost ratings. So, the Daleks somehow found the Tardis in Stockbridge and posted a task force in deep freeze for 1700 years just to get their hands on the Doctor. It all proceeds pretty much as a normal Dalek story. Their appearance gets delayed until the very end of part two. They have a cunning plan for bagging the Doctor. The plan backfires. Daleks make many threats, kill nearly all the secondary characters, and crash in flames themselves. On the plus side, Nyssa is particularly strong in this story. It has no major logical gaffes. The Doctor is clever and brave without being too clever and brave. It's enjoyable, though not terribly original.

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