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Not the best book to read but still good

By:Merlin, England
Date:Wednesday 28 September 2005
Rating:   6

By the time I'd finished reading chapter one I knew it was going one those half good, half bad sort of stories. After reading the entire book I was rather pleased by the way it was written. Good work Stephen Cole.

The Vanishing Point

By:the Traveller, a world "where death has meaning"
Date:Saturday 25 February 2006
Rating:   7

Not the most enjoyable EDA, but still a well- written, solid adventure.

Challenges what you think you believe!!

By:Robert, Conroe
Date:Saturday 19 July 2008
Rating:   8

This book was a terrific story throughout. One of the main themes of the book challenges the reader to examine the things they've been taught. We blindly accept some things and regard them as truth without ever really looking into them and investigating. This book challenges that.

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