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The worst book I've ever read

By:Phil Ince, Delia Smith's Spanish cookery satellite
Date:Tuesday 8 June 2004
Rating:   1

This was the worst book I've ever read.


By:Connor, England, London
Date:Wednesday 22 June 2005
Rating:   8

The first Eighth Doctor Novel I read was Earthworld. I was dead confused by the time I'd reached the end of it. The next book I read was The Domino Effect and Timeless. I bought Escape Velocity from The who shop in London. Once Id read it I thought it was the best book Id read. It was wierd the way Anji joined the TARDIS crew.

Definitely Escapist

By:Podmix, Sydney, Australia
Date:Monday 15 August 2005
Rating:   8

I thoroughly enjoyed this conclusion to the story arc beginning with The Burning: it manages to reunite the central characters in a satisfying way, and also introduce Anji and making her identifiable. The shock of going from one narrative style to another (from this one's intelligence to the portrayal in a patronisingly simplistic Anji of "Earthworld") made this book so much the better in comparison. True, it's probably a year since I read it, but if it's made that strong a positive impression that I still remember it...

Very strange to have read this post 2020

By:Wolfgang Bailey, Harrogate, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 26 March 2023
Rating:   6

I imagine having rival obnoxious, repugnant billionaires engaged in a private sector space race as a form of developmentally arrested dick measuring contest seemed kind of strange to people back in 2000/2001. But the only part I found hard to suspend my disbelief for having read it for the first time in 2022/23 was the fact that the billionaire characters have any redeeming human traits whatsoever.

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