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Bring back Max

By:writingbluebear, jersey
Date:Tuesday 24 November 2009
Rating:   10

Eternal summer has everything you would expect from a classic english sci fi 50s thriller. A lost village filled with strange villagers all with secrets and that creeping sence of danger, time is running out. Eternal summer brings all these together into a classic who, with a dash of humour and off course Max. I really hope Max comes back.

Loopy Time Loopage, Dodgy Causality

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Monday 1 February 2010
Rating:   8

In this, the second installment of the "Stockbridge Trilogy," causality goes out the window, and we get what really is a pretty lightweight story, in The Eternal Summer. My main causality gripe here comes from the impossible identities of the "Lord and Lady of the Manor," which the story tries to deal with in the final episode, but fails to do so. However, extra points given for how writer Jonathan Morris had fun with the script, in the ways it plays with time, and also for the presence of Maxwell Edison, who I hope to see again (I have to dig out my Fifth Doctor comics to find his origin there, apparently), and especially for the final episode and ending. The ending really serializes this story, making it clearly part of something much bigger and giving it and this trilogy a bit of an epic quality.


Not perfect by any means

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 25 June 2011
Rating:   5

For a start the ending to part two is rather guessable. One of the very few weakly plotted stories, with a lot of scenes that are predictable and rather a lack of decent fast paced adventure. One real saving is Mark Williams as the rather cool and funny Maxwell Eddison. A real injection of a decent character in otherwise a weak release. And the only other good performance here is from Pam Ferris, as dependable and brilliant a performance as ever, but shes only on the second disc, so thats a little disappointing to say the least. But like I said, these duds from BFP are a far rarer breed than duds in the new series. This is sad considering this is a Jon Morris story, after his brilliant former stories. (Except that plain stupid Bloodtide of course)

Interesting Play on Time

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Saturday 1 August 2015
Rating:   8

Part Two of the Stockbridge Trilogy is a major step up from Part One. The Doctor and Nyssa, seemingly blown to pieces at the end of Part One, find themselves alive, intact, and cast in a modern village drama, except that this drama cannot settle on the year in which it takes place. It seems that a sixty-year period of Stockbridge history has been folded on itself, with time jumping along the creases, all of it restarting in about a day's time. And then Maxwell Edison from the Doctor Who comic "Stars Fall on Stockbridge" turns up, played brilliantly by the always brilliant Mark Williams. Williams brings pathos to the character without making the character pathetic. The story concept in general works very well. The script supplies some nice surprises. Nyssa emerges as a very strong character in this one. The reservations I have concern the Lord and Lady of the Manor and the ancient evil that has been reawakened, Veridios. These are cardboard villains that take our attention away from the technical problem driving the plot. The whole would have been much better without them. Still, this story is worth listening to for the intriguing ideas and excellent performances.

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