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Play the trivia game- excellent prize

By:Charles G. Dietz, San Jose, CA, United States
Date:Thursday 12 November 2009
Rating:   9

If you play the trivia game and get 5 questions right (watch the dvds), you get the special Comic Relief episode. Also the Brigader is great in it cant wait for Doctor in season 3

"Sarah's gone up in the world!"

By:Wesley. Simkin, Perth, Western Australia
Date:Saturday 19 December 2009
Rating:   8

I really enjoyed this season of the Sarah Jane Adventures. The acting this time round has improved a great deal and has added to the enjoyment of the show.
Most episodes on this dvd are very enjoyable, most notably the second episode Day of the Clown and the finale of the series: Enemy of the Bane. The special features on this disc are reasonble with the real standout being the Comic Relief Special.
Overall a very good series....bring on the series 3 dvd and then maybe series 4!

I love the Sarah Jane Adventures!

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 16 October 2010
Rating:   9

I love the Sarah Jane Adventures! Ive just seen the first story of the fourth series and its brilliant. I have high hopes for the fourth series as all the previous seasons have been excellent. A lot better than a sieable amount of the new Doctor Who stories if you ask me.

The Second series is almost faultless. The series begins excellently with The Last Sontaran. Its sad to see Maria go. A really nice character she was. And to see a sontaran beaten by half forms and a female is brilliant. The shoe in the neck was one of the best scenes of this series. This a clever, witty and amusing debut to the series.

The Day of the Clown takes the series into the totally serious vein here. The Day of the Clown is definitely creepy. The story too is very well written and Elizabeth is really good here as the tormented mother of Luke who Odd Bob steals away.

Secrets of the Stars has many good moments. But the universe wasnt brought about by a big bang. The acting is again good and assured, and the fact that Luke has no birthday, thus defeating potentially one of the most dangerous creatures ever, is very well utilised to bring about the downfall of the ancient power. This is the only slight flaw in the whole of the second series.

The Mark of the Berserker is a brilliant tale. All about Clyde and his background. Sarah Jane isnt in it a lot. But its not a bad thing as it gives the teens a chance to glow. And they all do here. This is a brilliant first tale from Joseph Lidster. He's a very very good writer indeed.

The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith is excellent. Its seeing the return of that ugly trickster. Hes such a freaky looking thing. And here the story is emotionallly charged, rather like Father's Day in the Doctor Who series. But Liz Sladen's tale is better in the fact that her character is never annoying as Billie Piper's Rose was far too often. That her parents should die at the end is so sad. This is pretty mature stuff for CBBC. Its great.

The finale. Well, The BRIG IS BACK! Yeah!!! Nicholas Courtney was always brilliant back in his time on the classic series of Doctor Who. And though his aging is very apparent, he still manages to bring back his character so very well indeed. And add to that the return of Sam Bond as Wormword and we have a brilliant finale that rounds off the second series very well indeed. I really like the Sarah Jane Adventures. Its a great series. The Nightmare Man has begun the fourth series, and from the look of just that story, it seems Sarah is set just to fly higher and higher and higher....

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