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Three stories that proove a point....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 1 November 2010
Rating:   10

These three stories within this boxset are always known as three of the dud stories of the Doctor Who cannon. I find it difficult to see what is so bad about all of these tales to be quite honest.

I loved the Time Monster from the very first time I saw it. It is a story that has it all: time experiments going awry, the Master is back again, and Roger gives one of his best performances here, theres Ingrid Pitt as Queen Galeia, and then theres the excelllent looking Minotaur played by Dave Prowse (where have i heard that name before?) and just to top it all off it has a buzz bomb and some excellent cliffhangers. Also the Doctor recalling his memories of the hermit on the mountain is quite a beutifully acted scene, Jon's delivery is perfect. And then if you need anything else just watch the oh so funny John Levene in a nappy at the end of the tale, which in my book rates as one of the funniest endings of a Who tale ever. The acting from all involved in this tale is excellent, and this to me doesnt seem like a six part tale. And Kronos is a brilliant design, original and wonderfully directed. And the fact that Kronos is uncontrollable is a neat little twist at the end, and that Kronos is actually not totally all bad. And what with the memorable time ram scenes and all that, then what is not to like about this brilliant tale?

Underworld is a tale that I have always liked too. I think that actually the CSO caves look highly effective. And from what Ive seen theres actually very little scenes where you can see the actors going through the wall. The characters all act very believably too, as a tired race searching for their race bank for millennia. And I like the passiified Leela for that short time, Louise's smile is quite something. The only slight quibble which isnt too bad when watched on the DVD is that at times its hard to make out what the mad Oracle is saying. But the voice itself is wonderfully done, and is one of the better computer voices within Doctor Who in my opinion. And Tom Baker is on excellent form throughout the story too. This must have been a hard tale to act in, as nearly all the scenes are shot against CSO backdrop. Give credit to all the guys then, this tale is riveting to say the least. Too short in all. More tales like this would have been nice from the BBC. A tale that relies far more on character than action. A really intelligent piece.

The Horns of Nimon is extremely likeable too. The Nimon have a brilliant resonating voice and Graham Crowden is wonderfully OTT as Soldeed. He's a right flaming theatrical jerk all the way through the story. Lalla Ward shines in a tale that really is more of a Romana story, but Tom never just fades into the background. Its just great to see a companion used so well within the story for once. And I just love the characters of Seth and Teka. Janet Ellis is a bit like Nina Thomas, in the fact that she plays a scared youngster so brilliantly. And that the Nimon's whole base should be part of a circuit is a highly original idea. This is a brilliant take on the Minotaur tale. And its paced very well indeed. The plot too is not overcomplicated, and is so easy to follow. I do not agree with a lot of people who say that the Graham Williams period of Doctor Who started its overall downfall. He produced some of the best tales in the history of Doctor Who. This trilogy set of Myths and Legends is brilliant all the way through. These three are more nearer some of the best Doctor Who's, rather than the worst....

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