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Torchwood has never been darker

By:The Next Doctor, TARDIS
Date:Friday 31 July 2009
Rating:   8

Torchwood has shown in the past two years that's it is not for children. COE is just so dark after a reasonably average first episode. Things start to get exciting in episode 2. Sadly there is a big shock at the end episode 4 after a shocking reveal from Jack in 3. Just when u think that it can't get darker episode 5 does.
It has been accounced that there will be a series 4 but it just won't feel like the same show despite this exciting story


By:J, Suffolk
Date:Tuesday 4 August 2009
Rating:   9

i thought COE was totally exceptional. i found episode 4 a little boring, but apart from that it was totally excellent. whether or not you saw the series on TV, this DVD is a reccomended buy.

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