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Undeserved reputation

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 13 September 2009
Rating:   6

This story is one of the least popular Dr Who story's ever. To me this unfair. Of course there are problems with it, the giant gastropod for a start. But approach it with an open mind and there is much to enjoy. Colin Baker's approach at playing the 6th Doctor was a brave, if flawed approach.
The extras are wort your money. There is a nice little extra in witch Colin Baker and a fashion expert look at the other Doctors costumes and there is the always excellent Stripped for action segment looking at the 6th Doctor's comic strips.

The adventures of Womulus and Wemus

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 30 January 2011
Rating:   2

'The Twin Dilemma' is a naff Doctor Who story if there ever was one. The costumes and design is bad all round (look out for Hugo Lang's Quality Street wrapper jumper, and the Bacofoil computer console). Also I think the decision to make Colin Baker overtly hostile towards Peri was a mistake - it might have been OK in just Part 1 but the fact it continues through Parts 2-4 is questionable.
The twins Romulus and Remus are too wussy and ineffectual, and their line delivery is boring and stunted. However Maurice Denham and Edwin Richfield's Azmael and Mestor are at least well acted, even if the latter looks like a mouldy sleeping bag!
Overall - rubbish!

This is nowhere near the worst....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 9 March 2011
Rating:   8

There are a few bad points with this story, ye, that is certainly true. The Gastropods are rather silly looking and the acting of the two twins leaves quite a lot to be desired. But here is the list of the good things about this story.

There seems to be far more in depth and interesting interacting between the Doctor and his companion. The relationship is more multi layered, with moments of great banter and moments of great emotion too. Colin Baker really makes his presence felt by being a brilliant new Doctor, totally unstable to the fore and really different to all the Doctors who came before. And Nicola Bryant does very well within this story too.

Hugo Lang is maybe a bit of a stereotypical cop, but that Leftenant scene is great comedy. Maurice Denham is pretty excellent here too, and his final scene with Colin really is something special and nicely understated. And the only other flaw ive always wondered at is why in the henry Mestor would let Edgeworth keep those orange glass things (and come to think of it, what are they?!) if theyre so dangerous to him? The main script and plot though are highly engaging, and the egg spawning is a neat idea, and one for once that you could imagine happening in reality. So this is nowhere near the worst story ever, Robots of Death and Pyramids of Mars are nearer to that mark than this story. There is a lot to recommend here.

Worst. Story. Ever

By:Ian Cotterill, Chipping Norton, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 9 November 2013
Rating:   1

Unfortunate that the 'The Caves of Androzani', regarded by many as the best Dr Who story ever, should be immediately followed by this, the worst story ever. 'The Twin Dilemma' is utterly painful for me to watch, and not even the special features included can prompt me to buy this DVD.

Love it

By:David Harding, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 27 October 2015
Rating:   10

What's with the hate for this one?? I don't get it, I just don't get it!!

Not as bad as everyone says it is...

By:Alexander Amos King-Grey, Campbell Town, Tasmania, Australia
Date:Wednesday 1 June 2016
Rating:   6

There are some good ideas in it and I just love Colin's Doctor even when he's brash, it gives him real character.
My main gripe about this story are the monsters, the Gastropods, their too human with their tiny feet sticky out of their giant bellies. They should have been more slug-like like their suppose to be.
Acting is also a bit iffy from some of the extras, ecspecially the twins.
Overall a good, unrated story in my opinion and a good DVD all round.

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