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Pigs, Hounds, a High-Speed TARDIS Tour

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Sunday 31 January 2010
Rating:   7

A Sting in the Tale continues the very macabre trend in these Hornets' Nest stories... Going further back in time, the Doctor makes a desperate journey through a snowy forest, and finds an old nunnery with a bizarre Reverend Mother. We have more animals inhabited by the alien hornets, and one leads the Doctor on a wild chase through the vast interior of the TARDIS. Eventually, time settles into its already established course, and a familiar outcome finds its fulfillment.

The jaunt through the "pocket universe" of the TARDIS interior, as the Doctor puts it, is quite interesting, though a bit rushed, and makes this oddity of a story all the more engaging. Not the best story of the bunch so far, but a solid entry in the series.

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