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Getting Quite Good

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Tuesday 12 January 2010
Rating:   9

The fourth Doctor's ghastly tale continues with The Circus of Doom, set in the 18th Century. As the Doctor goes further back in time in an attempt to track down and stop the hornets' origins, he arrives at the "Circus of Delights," where he makes a futile attempt to save Francesca from the terrible fate he has already seen for her in the future. He is also given some information that seems to indicate that all of the terrible things that have happened with the hornets could be his own fault. Is it his destiny to unleash this horrible plague himself, at some point in his future and Earth's past? The trail leads yet further back in time...

In this third part of the Hornets Nest series, Tom Baker and the production team are now giving us a really excellent production. It's a very dark tale, yet rather darkly fascinating. Baker's voice work seems the strongest and liveliest we've seen yet in this series, and The Circus of Doom reminds this listener a bit of the early "Gothic horror" stories of the Hinchcliffe seasons of the TV series.

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