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Super Scarf

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Sunday 27 December 2009
Rating:   6

Overall, I'd say that The Dead Shoes is an improvement upon The Stuff of Nightmares (the previous and first story in this series). What we have here is some dry, cobwebby horror, in the form of a fairy tale. In the early half of this story, it seems that Tom Baker is really catching his stride with this material, sounding even better than his best moments in The Stuff of Nightmares, though he seems to lose this edge a bit by the end. The main problem here comes from the gratuitous and plainly ridiculous use of the Doctor's scarf, to lasso a woman who is about to leap off of a cliff, to sort of rappel down from a great height, and as a trip wire, if I remember correctly... Worse than cringe-worthy. Yet, aside from that glaring shortcoming, this remains an interesting production, with a significant creepiness factor...

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