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The Cell

By:Stephen Carlin, Huddersfield, UK
Date:Thursday 26 May 2005
Rating:   2

One long running story arc ends, another begins. Could have been a wow, instead, the whole Faction Paradox story arc has been an utter waste of space. The end of Gallifrey and the Time Lords is little more than a fizzle. The return of the TARDIS merely produces a yawn and shows just how unadventurous the so-called "high concept" ideas are.

I just cannot work up any enthusiasm for this book at all - apart from the initial realisation of Gallifrey. Its sad that a lot of the 8th Doctor books have been intensely dull and this is a prime example of non-thought provoking dross.

Not really resolving anything

By:Merlin, England
Date:Tuesday 6 September 2005
Rating:   7

An ok book id say altogether, but i wish theyd sorted out the false regenration thing in interference. And the destruction of Gallifrey doesnt connect with the new Tv series in any way.
Acording to the ninth Doctor there was suppose to be another time war with the daleks. In the gallifrey chronicles the Doctor had the power to restore Gallifrey so it kinda ties in but i think this novel should have been written with a diffrent plot.

Not bad...

By:Tardisuser, Isle of Wight
Date:Monday 12 June 2006
Rating:   7

...but not great either. Some nice ideas, and a clever way to kick-start the whole EDA series. What some people fail to realise is that this was written when the new series was still unthought of. And the introduction of Grandfather Paradox is very clever. Is he the Doctor, or is he something else? A bit slow to start, and VERY wordy, but overall a satisfying read.

Loved this...

By:Matt Saunders, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 27 July 2011
Rating:   10

It is such a clever little book and I really loved this. We get to see so much of the Eighth Doctor's personality too. We also get to see more of his Tardis than normal, and this sets up the next few really excellent "Earth bound" books. Buy this second-hand, well worth it.

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