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By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 26 July 2021
Rating:   7

One of the more interesting Paul Magrs scripts. This one still has some of his usual bits of pointless whimsy, such as a universe in a can of beans, and indulgent use of his favorite word - benighted. Still, these do not interrupt the story too much. Since Magrs really likes the act of narration, the Companion Chronicles format works well here. The story gets relayed through dialogue and trading of narration between Turlough and Huxley, a being from a race of "novelizers" who latch onto people and then tell those people's stories. This idea allows Magrs to sneak in some philosophizing about the nature of narrative and the need for storytelling. Mark Strickson is also an excellent narrator. Some people might be put off by an ending without resolution, though ending this story in that way makes some degree of sense.

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