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Very good addition.....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 16 November 2010
Rating:   9

David Troughton returns to the role of King Peladon after over thirty years. And it is well worth it. The Curse of Peladon was rather a weak start to the Peladon quadrilogy. King Peladon was a realistic character, but the story for me was so stilted and stagey and utterly unmemorable.

But here David reads a far far better story than his first as King Peladon. He has a very soft, and calming reading voice which is also good to listen to. This story keeps well with all the other Peladon outings. It has all the essential ingredients, with a few extras thrown in so as not to make it a carbon copy of any of those beforehand.

This also is good for the fact it has different ages of Ice Warrior within the tale. And here again its still a surprise to hear if the Warriors are going to be good or bad. (Although in big finish, they seem to be predominantly bad most of the time) And it always helps when the story is easy to grasp and follow.

The Prisoner of Peladon is a very good tale in many ways. The onyl little snags are the fact that it dispatches the troublesome warriors in exactly the same way as The Monster of Peladon, and the fact that once again an overbearing hot head King starts to blame the Doctor for the situation yet again like in so many stories these days. This line of storytelling is becoming greatly tedious.

Gladly the rest of the tale is strong enough to make this still one of the best Companion Chronicles for a long time. The character of the third Doctor is totally spot on for a start, as strong and commandeering as he was on screen all those years ago. Its so sad Jon is gone now. He always was an excellent Doctor.

Another part of this story i love is the fact that Alpha Centauri could be hiding something along the way. And the shock of the death of the KIng's Champion. Mark and Cavan definitely know how to bring out sudden twists in the tale. That was a genuine surprise. And we also get a child warrior at last. Something that hasnt been done before. And I love the fact that the King is obviously telling this story to little Thalira. A nice little touch to end this chronicle. Overall, very good indeed, as strong as The Monster of Peladon.

I look forward to some more Peladon stories in the near future, please Big Finish.....The Bride of Peladon was a great start, and Prisoner might even just edge that story in a lot of ways....

Good Storyteller

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 18 October 2021
Rating:   8

"The Prisoner of Peladon" falls in line with the normal form of Companion Chronicles, being mainly a character from Doctor Who telling a story to someone. This one involves King Peladon relating an adventure with Doctor 3 after "Curse of Peladon" but before "Monster of Peladon." The story itself falls in line with pattern of Peladon, a planet of medieval society and technology with a sincere leader trying to keep the society both traditional, but worthy of entry into the Galactic Federation. Old friend Alpha Centauri is here, as are the Ice Warriors. There is much political intrigue and a mystery to solve. David Troughton is an excellent storyteller. He brings the characters to life and uses just the right amount of emotional emphasis in just the right places.

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