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Some serious light rain before the storm

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 12 January 2011
Rating:   10

All the Planet of the Dead is is fun. There is no real terrible universe at stake theme going through this at all. Just a little story about creatures who have destroyed a whole planet. So this was very much a welcome relief from the rather too heavy stories that come more thick and fast in this modern TV series these days.

Michelle Ryan is absolutely brilliant as the companion to the Doctor here. Yet again another oppurtunity missed sorely. She would have just been so perfect as a companion in the long run. (Sorry Karen, but I just cant get into your character at all that much)

And David Tennant is as assured and excellent as ever. This is definitely one of his stronger stories, because the melodrama is kept to a healthy minimum. BBC wales should have the sense to get rid of that boring River Song character and bring back Michelle! That would make this sadly disillusioned fan start to get back into the TV series once more. Since David has gone it hasnt been the same at all. (The scripts are the main problem, Not Matt Smith!)

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