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Sad, unlikely, favourites, subplot

By:writingbluebear, jersey
Date:Friday 11 September 2009
Rating:   9

The sudden twist for Charley although a little wild is great fun, a long standing subplot which has been running for sometime comes out well and very convincing. I'm looking forward to what happens next.

Goodbye Charlie ?

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 13 September 2009
Rating:   7

The first of this trio of 6th Doctor & Charlie story's gets off to a cracking start with Patient Zero. A taught imaginative story with lots of twists & turns. Is this the end for Charlie Pollard ? Can't wait to find out. Recommended.

Fascinating, Excellent Production

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Saturday 28 November 2009
Rating:   10

With Patient Zero, the whole secret past of Charley thing (that she previously traveled with a future Doctor - the Eighth - and is a wicked temporal anomaly), which was becoming tiresome, is finally developed into a very clever, central facet of what is apparently a three-story arc in the Sixth Doctor audios. In addition, Patient Zero gives us what this listener feels is the absolutely most fascinating Dalek story since Genesis of the Daleks, with the possible exception of new series one's "Dalek" in 2005. The Viyrans are super cool, and the extra-intelligent, articulate Dalek time controller is a standout character, quite well-voiced by Nicholas Briggs, who outdoes himself in this production. His variety of Dalek voices here really is very impressive.

Patient Zero is really well written, scripted, directed, and produced. There's a well-pitched intensity running throughout, and the Daleks take on such an authentic sounding heightened sense of urgency about their mission on the Amethyst station that there is an air of high stakes and a vast importance surrounding the unfolding of events here. And what will become of Charley now? We are left with much uncertainty surrounding her fate...

Highly recommended, and one that I really would've liked to have seen on TV (FAR better than Daleks in Manhattan!).

It has to be said...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Friday 11 June 2010
Rating:   10

that these latest bf audio stories seem to be better than ever.

these stories hold my interest longer than any of the new tv series stories. they are better written and far more twisty and involving.

colin baker leads a brilliant cast in a rather scary adventure. theres a subplot that is brilliantly realised. it is all directed and presented so brilliantly. nick briggs cetainly knows how to write brilliant stories. and ha ha, the viyrans arent destroyed by those stupid tin pot devils the daleks! ha ha! weakling idiots. and the closing scenes especially are thoroughly brilliant and thrilling, leading well into the following story in these last trio of stories for the brilliant Charley.

India has been a fantastic companion. She is so fun and light as a companion, her ride has been a thrilling one. Sorry if thats all i can say about this play for now but ive just read the news page on bf site itself and and am highly excited for it sounds as if the great Tom Baker may soon be involved in the series, please let this not be just a rumour...

anyway, back to the story. sorry if i ramble. im just glad at this piece of news. i think the only thing i can add is this story has a monumental feel to it, what with the setting being a place where every virus ever known is stored within the walls...quite a frightening premise...well, i think you get the gist...get this excellent story!

Dalek Base Under Siege

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 6 March 2018
Rating:   7

Big Finish begins its resolution of the Doctor 6 & Charley plot with the first of a tightly connected trilogy of stories. The location is a base at the far end of the Universe (early history) that stores thousands of biologically engineered viruses used in an interplanetary war. Charley has become unstuck in time, and the Doctor has been tracking down the origin of the virus causing this to said station. However, things are not all that simple. It turns out that The Daleks are also interested in these viruses, but are more interested in a "patient zero" who escaped their biological experiments. Meanwhile, on board the TARDIS, a ghostly presence calling herself Mila is haunting Charley and claiming that she has been on the TARDIS since the days of "The Chase" just looking for her opportunity to become real and join The Doctor on his adventures. All these side matters play in and out of what becomes mostly a standard Dalek story of their putting a base under siege. Enter new Dalek baddie: The Dalek Time Controller. Finally, we get introduced to a new alien "threat" of sorts, the mysterious Viyrans, whose purpose is solely the eradication of deadly bio-engineered viruses. The story is hampered a bit by the requirement to set up all the elements that will play out through the remaining two stories.

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