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By:Steve, Bangor
Date:Thursday 18 August 2005
Rating:   8

The title says it all. People dont seem to like this book because its "not traditional doctor who". I fail to see how this is the case, as allot of the normal elements are there - split tardis crews, politics, mystery, a darkness in the background etc. Maybe i have a soft spot for this book as i have a growing fondness for the character of Compassion, but i still think its worth a read. 7.5/10

Not bad

By:a person, hayfield
Date:Tuesday 11 May 2010
Rating:   7

This is a fairly average book. The plot is fine as are the characterisations, however, I felt that it jumped about too much and it was a bit confusing. Worth reading but don't expect anything fantastic.

Start stop, good then dull

By:Clive T Wright, St Lawrence, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 6 August 2011
Rating:   7

Starting with drama and energy a the reader your pulled in but then it seems to slow down and then goes on with lots of running about.

Again Fritz is getting his leg over endlessly (lets please move on from this) but there is an excellent twist in his story when it comes. Compassion just seems to be in the room and dosen't really do much.

Overall moments of excellence, but peppered with long drawn rambling. An ok read if you can stick it out.

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