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Great book

By:Tommy, England
Date:Wednesday 2 June 2010
Rating:   9

Firstly, this book is DEFINATELY not for kids. There is not much swearing but this is about the most violent book out of all 15, and I have all 15. People are constantly getting their insides "removed" should we say. It is strangely fasinating in a horrible way, I was hooked and finished within four days. Gwen is split up from Ianto and Jack for most of the novel. She is with Rhys trying to get to several different places through the strets at night, and goes mad at one point. I won't tell you what Ianto ends up doing but it's pretty amusing. There are thousands of deaths an Mark does a great job at describing the things going on, you can really picture it all. Parts are really shocking, others are just mad, I thik this would make a wonderful episode on TV. It isn't too adventarous, and it's kept easy to follow. There isplenty of guns aswell, more than any other book for sure. The plot is nice and original too, for once its not all about orld domination. I won't tell the plot because it's only revealed at the end, it's a very shoking end at that. Overall it's wonderful, only reason it's not 10 is because I don't really believe in utter perfection.

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