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Very Good

By:a person, Hayfield
Date:Tuesday 11 May 2010
Rating:   8

This is one of the better EDAs, it begins with the reader not really knowing why the doctor is there but it soon becomes clear and rapidly turns into an excellent addition to the series! However, I did not give it ten because it is not really particularly original but it is well-written and enjoyable!

Steady, flowing adventure

By:Clive T Wright, St Lawrence, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 6 August 2011
Rating:   9

A lot of the 8th Doctor books seem to start with the plot up and running and everyone stuck into the adventure. This means you have to catch up with the book and makes it a little slow to start.

However frontier worlds gathers pace and flows very smoothly, the Doctor is in his element and each companion are at their best. How many more women can fritz get away with.

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