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Entertaining, But Overrated

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Thursday 22 June 2006
Rating:   7

Considered one of the "classic" lost stories, The Web of Fear is probably a classic because most of it is missing. There is not much need to rehash the story as it is well-known. Its virtues include solid performances from the regulars, a convincing performance by Nicholas Courtney, and some very tense scenes. Some of the problems involve the main rationale - that the whole invasion is designed merely to ensnare the Doctor. The anticipated spectacular showdown between the Doctor and the Intelligence gets scuttled mainly to give justification to a sequel. The characters of Evans and Chorley are both rather stereotypical and tiresome. In the end, there is enough good to justify its 6-part length.

Yetis on the Underground - Aarrh!!!

By:the Traveller, the end of the world
Date:Monday 24 July 2006
Rating:   8

Not the best story to listen to on audio, but considering most of its televised version is lost, there isn’t much choice. The main problems are the gun fights which probably look great on screen but don’t sound that great on CD. Other than that, the story is a good one, the London Underground setting succeeds in bringing the adventure down to Earth, and Yetis are pretty cool (especially their Cobweb Guns).

Deserving of the title...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 8 September 2010
Rating:   9

The Web of Fear is one of the few Doctor Who stories that by hearing and seeing the first part I can quite believe deserves its classic status.

The yeti here have been updated to become far less cuddly and much more menacing. Those glowing eyes are eerie and frightening to say the least. It really is sad that only episode 1 exists though.

The Action scenes sound like they were very well done indeed.

And then we have Jack Watling back again, made up well to look thirty years older. He is such a wonderful character, and he gels well with Patrick and the rest of the crew.

And the ending to this story is totally surprising. But I wont give too much away but say this is well worth the getting. Far more worth getting this than most of the new series at least anyway.

This story has it all: a great amount of yeti sequences, a good followable plot, and great performances from all involved in the making of this story.

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