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Robot Violence and Causality Loops

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Sunday 16 August 2009
Rating:   8

The Doctor Who comics come to audio! Woo-hoo! But hold on. First, prepare yourself to endure what is some fairly disturbing violence at the opening, even if it's entirely among robots. Pretty nasty. Brought a few vague flashbacks to the original Iron Legion story in the comics (well, the original that made it to actual comic book format in my neck of the woods, anyway). This is some pretty crazy stuff here, sort of robot horror meets cyberpunk, playing out stuff you'd never expect on TV. In spite of the nastiness, the story shapes up into a fairly interesting one by the end, even offering a bit of inspiration to those who are dreamers, have seemingly silly pursuits or who are a bit different. Ah. If only having a real chance to change the world could be as easy as finding the Reset button...

Some good performances here, and a well-written story that reaches a satisfying end of its cycle in two episodes. An extra point for freshness and the gutsy move of producing this.

Lord of the flies meets time machine

By:writingbluebear, jersey
Date:Thursday 24 September 2009
Rating:   9

The standard from Big Finish remains high this year. Throwing together some many strong elements, great acting and a few scary moments makes this great one.

Wow!!! What a first 5 minutes!!!!

By:C G Harwood, Dunedin, NZ, New Zealand
Date:Thursday 19 November 2009
Rating:   7

This story has probably the most graphic , and disturbing opening of any Dr who I have ever seen or listened too. The screaming from the actor playing the robot being torn apart and the angree mob was very well done - and from that point i knew i was in for something special, and I was right.
The quality of this years BBC7 8th Doctor stories has been very high, and this was no exception. The plot with mad insane robots is very common ground for Sci-Fi and is one Dr Who does very well. And when they find the solution is actually why everything is going wrong in the first place, actually brought a smile too my face.
This was a well paced and very well writen story by Jonathan Morris and the director Jason Haigh-Ellery managed to turn something that could have been very ordanary or silly into something very special.
Nice quest cast including phil davis (Fires of Pompeii, and Nigel Lambert (leasure hive). and they compliment McGann and Sheridan very well. (come on Mr Moffit give these two a TV story)
A very nice story althought the opening is pretty graphic so I probably would be careful letting younger listners listen to it. But diffently worth listning to.


By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 21 March 2022
Rating:   6

"The Cannibalists" is almost unremittingly loud and violent. It starts with a gang of thug robots tearing apart another robot, with much shouting and screaming. It pretty much continues on that note for the next hour. Phil Davis is rather wasted as Titus, leader of the thug robots, since all he has to do is shout in nearly every scene. The useless trio of good robots is voiced such that it is difficult to distinguish the three. Phil Jupitus puts in a good performance as Servo, the robot poet. The story itself has interesting background. The location is Haven, a large, orbiting colony, or so it would seem. It turns out that the humans set the robots to build the colony, but the humans for unknown reasons either never really arrived to take charge, or were wiped out before the station's completion. This leaves the AI robots on their own. Some programming glitch gives the robots individual personalities, and allows a few robots to gain independence from the orders of the main computer. These independent robots go on rampages where they track down other robots and cannibalize them for parts. It is interesting enough. I just found all the shouting and screaming quite irritating, with violent scenes that carried on just a bit too long.

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