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Blue Murder

By:Stephen Carlin, Huddersfield, England
Date:Friday 4 March 2005
Rating:   1

What can I say about this book? Nothing good, I'm afraid. Basically, I wouldn't want to be one of Paul Magrs' students - if his writing is anything to go by. Imagine various story elements which end up going nowhere, imagine that those story elements simply fail to engage the imagination. Somehow I get the impression that Magrs is a fan of the worst of Doctor Who and The Tomorrow People. I come away with the uneasy feeling that here is someone who really likes A Man for Emily - which springs to mind when I struggle through this book, its such a mire of ideas and words. Take my advice, don't even bother with this dross.

Not worth your time

By:Jonathan Davis, San Jose, CA
Date:Monday 18 April 2005
Rating:   1

It's been quite some time since I read it so I can't really give many details, but I remember some of it and I CERTAINLY remember my reaction to it. This contains some spoilers, but they might very well save you from wasting your time on this book.

The story starts out well enough. The doctor ends up in a new place to with another interesting civlization with problems to solve and all that. But apparently he's been there before, or at least the people there think so. Apparently a future regeneration of the doctor will be coming by at some point. But Doctor 8 has never been there before. He sets out to help them with their current problems as usual.

At the same time a friend of his (who's also a time lord) is doing something on earth and through various events eventually ends up where the doctor is. She's rather interesting, but except for the end has little impact on the story. Incidently it was her that was the doctor's companion when he shows up at the location of this story in a later regeneration.

At the same time there seems to be an alternate version of the doctor that is staying at a the afore-mentioned friend's house on earth along with his companions. IIRC he's having tea there and such. This alternate version of things never really seems to have much importance but keeps popping up periodically.

Overall events go as one would expect with regards to the doctor and those with him (the one in the real story, not the tea party one). It's not super good, but it's okay.

However, in the end, something weird happens and the doctor basically loses. At this point whatever story there was completely falls apart and whatever happened basically had no meaning. It even appears that it all might have happened in an alternate universe of sorts. But however well the mediocre story might have started out, it ends horribly.

The author seems to want to say that the doctor doesn't always win and thus gives a horrible story to show just that. But it's not as if it even manages to end in a sane manner. It's a hodge-podge of vaguely related stuff that COULD have been really interesting but which are never fully explored and which completely falls apart at the end.

It's a mediocre story with the worst ending of all time. If you aren't looking to read every doctor who book there is, don't read this one. As far as I know nothing in this book has any real impact on the later ones and it's not worth much if anything on its own.

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