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By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 31 March 2009
Rating:   10

But one thing Doctor Who seemed to very well more times than not is to create really good effects with limited resources. And here is yet another example to highlight this. This creepy story shows you dont have to have millions to have a cracking good tale.

What is really good is the fendahleen, made out of that good thing we all love to have in our front room called carpet i do believe. And yet they creeped the hell out of me when i first saw them a long time ago. And that prop skull has to be one of the best prop skulls ive ever seen in my whole life. Skulls are so scary. Skulls are freaky. Doctor Who always did skulls, apart from when it came to Silence In The Library, where it looks pretty fake. SO muich for more money. Cant even make a skull as creepy as the one in Image of the Fendahl.

And considering the fact that many seem to think the Graham Williams period is where doctor who started on its downward spiral, im afraid i have to admit that this is utter rubbish. There are plenty of great stories during his reign as producer, in fact some of the best and most memorable stories of all, like The Pirate Planet, Stones Of Blood, City Of Death and all that and this story im now reveiwing of course.

What i like too is that Leela gets to do a little more, lots of stories the companions seem to fade into the background and become paillid and might as well not even been in the show for the use they are to the rest of the story. But Chris Boucher created Leela, so he actually gives her a sizeable chunk of story. And Louise Jameson is on fine form, a great companion.

Tom Baker is at his authoratative best i think in this story. The way he just strides in and takes complete control of the situation is well performed and written. And i do not believe that episode three is totally all just filler, how can it be when it has one of my all time favourite cliffhangers in doctor who?

The supporting acts on this story too are very good indeed, especially Wanda Ventham, giving a really good performance.

Doctor Who is a show, or used to be, with little money but great representation and effect. Many stories engage the mind and get the viewer to think about the points the story is trying to make. Intelligent and gripping storytelling, with a good monster and good cliffhangers. This story really does have it all.

The Last Gothic

By:Jamie Hardwick, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 25 April 2009
Rating:   6

When I found out this was the last 'gothic' story, I was looking forward to seeing it. But it disappointed me. The story takes a while to get going and some of the cliffhangers are pointless. The 4th Doctor and Leela work well together, especially in this story, but that can't redeem it for me. This is still one of the best stories in its season, though.


By:Matt, Aylesbury
Date:Thursday 7 May 2009
Rating:   9

Excellent story, with an excellent plot. Well recommended.

Very Atmospheric

By:Charles Curtis, Culver, United States
Date:Tuesday 19 May 2009
Rating:   8

Even on a limited budget, this and other stories from that era demonstrate what is possible with some imagination. The writing and acting are excellent. Tom Baker and Louise Jameson are in top form.

The end of Who's gothic era

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Monday 1 June 2009
Rating:   9

People are always on about things "going out with a bang", and in the case of Doctor Who's gothic period, in my view my favourite era of the show, this story saw it out well.
The story is well written by the super Chris Boucher, writer of one of my faves, The Robots of Death, and the mystery of the ancient skull keeps the ball rolling all the way through. And although the monster is visually disappointing, its effect on the story is momentous and this makes up for it I think.
In the case of the extras, they are rather limited - a good making-of documentary, and some interesting deleted scenes.
Story - 5/5
Extras - 4/5
Final score - 9/10

A Wonderful Image

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 18 June 2009
Rating:   9

I make no bones about it, this is my favourite era of Dr Who & this is a really great, classic story. The extras are a bit thin but otherwise an essential DVD.

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