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Breathing life into a dull original

By:writingbluebear, Jersey
Date:Friday 27 March 2009
Rating:   10

With I first watched the original web planet, despite all the potential for a great story with a real alien feel, I phone it just dull. "Return" on the other hand maintains the really alien feel but with great pace and energy, making it a classic update for a classic story

Doctor 5, Ridin' a Zarbi

By:Neeva, US
Date:Thursday 1 October 2009
Rating:   9

I love that audio paring of Davison and Sutton, and this installation is no exception. What could be more fun than the Fifth Doctor returning to Vortis in the far-flung aftermath of his previous visit - to once again navigate the complexities of Zarbi and Menoptra species? Well, I can think of a few things - but they are all quite fun.
The Doctor and Nyssa find themselves drawn to the planet, along with many other space faring vessels - all pulled in by a mysterious force. Future humans play out their fascinatingly complex role as bio engineered beings destined to seed the cosmos - against the backdrop of giant sentient termite/ants and moth people.
A solid 9.

Renews an Old Story

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Sunday 21 June 2015
Rating:   7

The bonus audios have generally been awful, but this one isn't. The Doctor and Nyssa are drawn to Vortis, from "The Web Planet" in 1965. It is now hundreds of years after The Doctor helped save Vortis, and it is a much different planet. Now, lush and green as it had been before, Vortis seems an ideal world for a holiday. But always, trouble lurks.

The temptation to make a jungle planet the setting for an Adam and Eve story is very tempting, and the temptation is taken here, the apple has been bitten, and we plunge into the beginnings of a whole new species, to mix metaphors and allusions. The story itself is fairly interesting, presenting our heroes and their new Menoptera friends with an intriguing problem to solve - what is making the Zarbi change their behavior? It would have been a temptation also to bring back the Animus from the first story. Thankfully, the new threat is not the same as the old. The main idea behind this new threat - what it is and how it works - does not fully pass the believability test.

All in all, "Return to the Web Planet" is an entertaining story with the right mix of humor and danger. Its central idea does not really work out on the grounds of science or logic. However, a listener will not be just wasting time listening to this adventure.

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