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By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 22 January 2009
Rating:   10

Well, the bbc took long enough to do it what with the tedium of their first two cyber outings, but here at last we have a cyberman story of the new series which i think is more than just average. Took long enough though i can tell you.

What made this better than the last two outings for me? Well, David Morrisey as the next Doctor for one, David Tennant for once seems to take a back seat for a change. And i really like the harkback to the classuc doctors with that scene of all their faces, a nice touch. Nostalgia i know, but good nostalgia. And the cybermen are far better prsented, saying something other than you will be converted for a change, just getting their cybership, which was imprsiive, to work with a new King, or in fact a woman, at the helm. YES, THE CYBERMEN ARE AT LAST BACK IN FORCE FOR ME. As good as Silver Nemesis and The Wheel In Space is this, and its about time too.

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