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Don't Like new Format

By:Charles G. Dietz, San Jose, CA, United States
Date:Monday 23 March 2009
Rating:   4

This is the 2nd story to have both characters tell the story rather than having the main companion tell the story with voice interaction with the secondary person. But I do love having past companions participate in new stories keeping the memory of Doctors 1-3 alive.

Decent Historical

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 8 March 2021
Rating:   7

This addition to the Companion Chronicles is a bit different in that the companion is not telling the story to anyone in particular, but simply telling the story. Actually, telling a little more than half, since another character tells parts of his side of the story. The story is set in Vichy France as the tide of the war is turning against the Nazis. Doctor 2, Polly, Ben, and Jamie get separated, and Polly and the Doctor get caught up in the resistance, while trying to reunite with the lost companions. Steve Lyons does his usual excellent job of portraying characters with conflicted loyalties. It's an entertaining story. I think a full dramatization would have better served it.

An amazing adventure fleshing out Polly!

By:Jared Star, Portsmouth, United States
Date:Wednesday 27 October 2021
Rating:   9

If you usually aren’t a fan of purely historical stories (like me), give this one a try!

It’s nice to have a story set during WWII without going the cop-out route and setting it in the trenches. Instead, this episode details what everyday people do to fight back against the Nazi regime. A couple of farmers forming a resistance group and smuggling the Doctor and Polly around is a very entertaining idea that played out well. I was a little sad to hear Jamie and Ben leave the episode within the first 10 minutes. I love this team, but rarely hear any episodes featuring all three of them. That being said, it was actively necessary for the story once you figured out Polly’s purpose in it.

Hearing Polly question herself and her role in the group brought a neat spin on what could’ve easily been another basic Doctor Who episode. It leads to some rather unexpected scenes, especially towards the end. This idea coupled with the plot twists makes this one stick out in your mind long after you’ve listened to it.

The music was on-point and the guest actor did a fantastic job. Switching between the stories of Polly and a seemingly unrelated airman that dropped into enemy lines kept the plot moving at a nice pace. I never felt bored at any point.

The last 7 minutes are a bit scattered and rush through what could’ve been an amazing third part, but due to the format, we couldn’t get a third one. It doesn’t drag down the quality by any means and it’s certainly not the most frustrating missed opportunity (I give that title to “The Witchfinders"), but it could’ve been a great addition to the script.

All in all, it’s a spectacular story that builds intensity over the hour runtime!

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