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A great start to 2009

By:Huw Davies, Taunton, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 18 February 2009
Rating:   10

This is a good start to the brilliant schedule of DVDs in '09: The Rescue/The Romans, The Deadly Assassin, The War Games and this is brilliant.
Now, to the actual discs. "Full Circle" is a great example of fan writing, with effective monsters in the Marshmen and a good story that passes quickly and doesn't drag. The extras include a feature on the possibility of E-Space actually existing.
"State of Decay" is a Terrance Dicks masterpiece, coupling vampire mythology with Time Lord continuity. The story is more interesting the Full Circle, although the villain at the end of the piece doesnt look too good. the extras aren't as good as the others, as they are more to do with vampires than Who.
"Warriors' Gate" is the best of the three, addressing issues such as slavery. It is also a sad, but effective departure for Romana and K9. The extras are also brilliant, too; a "making-of" feature being the highlight of the disc
Overall 10/10 for everything!

Great Storys but....

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Thursday 19 February 2009
Rating:   9

The three story's in this box set are excellent. Full Circle, State of Decay & Warriors Gate are some of the best Dr Who story's ever. They are bold, exciting & very imaginative. An excellent way to (almost) end Tom Baker's time as the Doctor. Lalla Ward's role as Romana also comes to a brave, logical ending.
However, much as I enjoyed the story's, once again brilliant brought back to full glory buy the wonderful people at the Restoration team, I was very disappointed by some of the extras. There are a couple of documentaries on State of Decay that while interesting in themselves have nothing whatsoever to do with Doctor Who. What is the point ?
Anyway with that small quibble apart I would highly reccomened this box set.

Consistent, strong, brilliant...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Saturday 13 November 2010
Rating:   9

Full Circle begins the trilogy set in E Space very well indeed. The fact that this story was written by the youngest writer for the series so far is astonishing, for this story has many moments that possess a Robert Holmesy feel to them. This story is rich with atmosphere and menace. The set pieces here are also largely original and surprising, like the fact that the people do not know how to fly the starliner! Also, yes, lets mention the introduction of Matthew Waterhouse, perhaps the most abused of all the Doctor's past companions by fans and reviewers alike. Matthew was never even a quarter as bad as many people seem to think! He makes a sure and steady intro within this story. All the other outlers too give very good performances. Its good to see Alan Rowe back yet again too. Add to this mix a very strong central performance by Tom Baker and you get a brilliant tale that is one of the strongest from 1980. (Well, perhaps all that lets this down for me is the twaddle of the evolving life cycle) And the marshmen are shot well, especially when they emerge from the marsh for the first time. K9 gets poor treatment again, but its not surprising from the location is it?

State of Decay is a very strong vampire tale. This is definitely a work on characters more than blood. The central vampires are all so wonderfully chilling. And their demise is perhaps the best vampire deaths Ive ever set eyes on. One thing that also strikes me here is that aside from Ibol's son and Adric and the good Doc, there are a lot of extravagent beards on show here! But the story itself is extremely well written, even the Great Vampire isnt quite as bad as all that. Other vampire tales could learn a lot from this story. Its a return for one story to the horror classics of Tom's earlier times. The set design here too is incredible. And again all the acting is of a first class standard.

Warrior's Gate is a very interesting and slightly mind bending piece of filming. Some of the effects are the best in the series up to this point in time in the series history. That frozen coin scene really is rather good. So are the negative photo shots. The Gundans are a brilliant set of robots, and Rorvik is another in the classic line of Who morons. We even get Kenneth Cope here! Who gives it all he has as usual. The science isnt actually as hard to follow as it first appears either. Space is contracting. Some of the dialogue is extremely witty and well written too. Perhaps the only slight letdown is the very fast goodbye to Romana at the end of the story. All far too rushed and again, like the Elisabeth Sladen farewell, all rather emotionless and void. But aside from the few quibbles Ive mentioned, everything else about these highly excellent stories is memorable and some very well produced television.


By:David Harding, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 27 October 2015
Rating:   1

Bloody awful trilogy. Three of the worst episodes ever, with warriors gate being my least favourite of all time, state of decay being in my bottom 10 and full circle in my bottom 25. Can't stand Tom bakers last season.

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