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Too early?

By:Patrick, Sydney
Date:Monday 16 March 2009
Rating:   2

Perhaps it is difficult to write about a career that is reasonably short (so far), but the most frustrating aspect of this book was its tendancy to go into far to much detail on plot synopses. A biog should be more interested in the details of the life and career of the actor, rather than the rehashing of storylines that are already well known (for most people who are reading this it would be assumed their interest is for Mr Tennant's Doctor Who work). The Billie Piper biog was a far more interesting read, being a self-penned tome. Overall, I think this is a missed opportunity: if a perusal of Mr Tennant's Doctor Who work is in order, then perhaps a more penetrating look at his acting and contribution within each story would have been far more enlightening. As a general info book about his career to date, it suffices adequately; as an in depth look into his life, perhaps there's a little too much padding right now- I'm looking forward to the revised edition in 10 years time...

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