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Awesome Stuff!

By:Crispin Bateman, United Kingdom
Date:Tuesday 14 April 2009
Rating:   9

Beautifully drawn and lovingly written by someone who really understands each Doctor's voice. As for the story itself, a perfect mix of nostalgia and menace to create a true Doctor Who adventure which would be a perfect 'real' episode if only it could be made.

The Doctor in Another Museum...

By:Adam Regula, Horseheads, NY, United States
Date:Wednesday 9 March 2011
Rating:   10

I actually picked this up in individual issues as I found them very cheap. This is a great series! The only problem with the collected paperback is you don't get all the wonderful covers of the 10th doctor with all his other selves (Please feel free to correct me if the trade has all the covers- haven't ever seen it). This series has a great plot line and the whole thing is packed to the gills with old series references.

I also noticed in pictures of the new Doctor Who Experience in London, that the room in the book and the room in the Experience of all the doctors clothes on stands was very close, which is great.

I especially love when all the Doctors are together at the end and they are picking on Colin Bakers Doctor.

Great read; Highly recommend!

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