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Demontage unpaints a hidden picture

By:Chris Hodgson, Bradford, UK
Date:Wednesday 18 February 2009
Rating:   8

Demontage was *the* book in the EDA series that gripped me. I'd read most of the previous stories released by borrowing from a local library when I lived in Essex in the late 1990's.

To review this in too much detail would spoil the plot... and that would be unfair if you've not read this "whodunnit" tale of mystery and intrigue. It's suffice to say that the character development ramps up here considerably and it's this that makes it such a turning point in the EDA series. The space station on which it is set, entices other nefarious characters into play, each trying to lure the Doctor's companions into their own world, for their own means. Even the invulnerable Doctor is almost drawn in... The ending is sparkling, but the intrigue remains right up to it.

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