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Silly Voices and a weak middle

By:wrightbluebear, jersey
Date:Sunday 1 February 2009
Rating:   5

The one bad thing about ice warriors are their voice, so on audio, much of the time is struggling to understand what is being said. The Judgement of Isskar although a good plot lost its way in the middle but finished welled. However struggling with ice warriors hissing and insect screaching, I almost gave up. I was look forward to this but it didn't deliver

Not a good start to a mini series

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Wednesday 9 June 2010
Rating:   3

Why oh why are all the characters in this drama so stupid? Everyone acts on emotion, no one stops to think. Another problem is that too much of what happens is magic, in the sense that it "just happens" without rational explanation. How is it that Amy can get a piece of the key when Zara tries to steal Amy's? It just happens. How is it that Zara is 500 steps ahead of the Doctor? It just happens. The story jumps in time without exploring its most interesting element - the gift-based economy of the Martians. Finally, the Doctor is surprising disinterested when Zinc kills a Martian just because. I was surprised at how loose and ill-conceived the script is given Guerrier's novels.

Ice Warriors & Continuity

By:Andrew Shaw, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 2 June 2013
Rating:   8

I wish everyone involved in Doctor Who would get together and come to some sort of arrangementabout how things are and should be I love the Ice Warriors and I believe they have every right to be angry for what the tracers caused, but it seems like the mighty intelligent Ice Warriors aren't getting tricked by Zara so easily and I know this is in later episodes but how come Zara has more power than Amy when there meant to be equal but they lose most of it later when the Guardians get theirs back

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