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Pity accompanying website no longer exis

By:David Kinne, Banyo, Australia
Date:Saturday 14 April 2018
Rating:   6

I have an epub edition purchased from Kobo.

I have been a Doctor Who fan for about 50 years, so when I saw this book and its promise of being able to visit vicariously Doctor Who locations, or more precisely filming locations, I jumped at it, especially as the blurb promised a link to a website where all the author's photos and other special features could be viewed.

Alas, while the author's style is refreshingly self-depreciating and humorous, the supplied link does not work so the reader has to go solely on his narrative descriptions of each location.

The choice of locations tallies pretty closely with my own - or any fan's I would suspect - top "wanna sees", but without the photos/images I can only give a rating of six out of ten to the book. With images, I suspect it would be ten out of ten.

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