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Raincloud Man - weak title and story

By:writingbluebear, jersey
Date:Tuesday 27 January 2009
Rating:   6

The link of the raincloud man was very week, with the raincloud man never really making an impression on the plot, he is just there. After the quality of the last few issues this was a poor follow up. The Doctor and Charlie as ever hold up the story and the subplot moves along nicely but wrapped in a very weak and at times just silly story. Without the strength of the cast this would have been a 3.

a very good story indeed.....

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Friday 6 February 2009
Rating:   9

Well I think its good anyway. I like the new sort of style. This sounds all very realistic in tone and setting. Sort of pretty flipping good to say the least. Well again Anna Hope is back again with a great performance as Menzies, that great missed companion theme running along again, but its great to have a very good sequel to a very good original once in a while. Colin Baker as usual leads the cast with a solid and great performance in a story of twists and turns and many good elements. The Casino brings in a new theme that hasnt really ever been done before in Doctor Who, and for me it works. The only reason this is a nine is because the protracted Doctor Charley thing is getting a tad annoying now, a yarn is good while it has good life. But at least it doesnt dominate the overall good plotting of this story. Yes, overall very good writing indeed.

Pay Attention

By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Wednesday 8 July 2009
Rating:   6

The Raincloud Man is one of those that I really kind of liked, but am not entirely sure why. The story elements are sort of loosely held together and we have a lot of rather mundane stuff here - a bit of police drama, city characters with fairly basic city accents and city personalities, and lots of heads being thumped. The listener must pay attention to keep a grip on what's happening - the script tends to not make things obvious or explain them very well. Detective Menzies isn't even properly introduced - we must simply know who this is from the previous story featuring her, The Condemned. As well, the situation with the casino ship wasn't made immediately obvious either.

In addition, it sure seems like there are quite a lot of aliens running around Manchester - sort of like a Men in Black takeoff. A bit over the top, it seemed.

Points in favor of the story would include the very interesting though sadly only briefly featured Kelsa, who is able to directly perceive time disturbances and anomalies, the reality-distorting house gaming system on the casino ship, and the Raincloud Man himself, though much more could have been made of him.

The Raincloud Man is definitely interesting enough to give a listen to... it just could've been put together a little better.

Muddled Script

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Tuesday 30 January 2018
Rating:   6

Doctor 6 and Charley return to Manchester and D.I. Menzies for more action with the aliens among us. One reviewer mentioned a Men in Black pastiche, which is just about right. As with The Condemned, which introduced the concept and some characters, this one starts as a police caper that gets sidetracked into protecting Earth from the aliens who are inadvertently threatening its demise. This one involves a high tech casino and its cooler, an empath who casts bad luck wherever he goes, the Raincloud Man of the title. The story does not really advance much from The Condemned. Menzies is all sarcasm hides heart of gold, Charley remains mysterious with the Doctor about her origins, he remains highly suspicious of her, and the Manchester constabulary are generally clueless. It's entertaining enough, but something of a holding pattern.

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