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Corking read !

By:Phil Ince, UK
Date:Thursday 16 January 2003
Rating:   9

A neglected little gem.

It absolutely belts along. Very trad - very much has the vigour of the TVs with complimentary / opposing personalities in a threatened setting. Some fun, gentle digs from the Doctor at the companion, Sam - a sometimes irksome, even self-important girl, whose mouth almost lands them in touble.

Nice capturing of that archetypal DW moment when - appearing in the wrong place, at the wrong time - the Doctor's personality and manner overcome the inevitable suspicion and hostility. Neatly done.

No sign of required prior knowledge, either. The sort of straightforward, well-written book that - after crawling through the wan prose of Scarlet Empress - is a treat to take to bed. 9 / 10.

Captures the Real Spirit of Dr Who!

By:Matt, England
Date:Wednesday 25 August 2004
Rating:   10

A Fantastic book which I had trouble putting down. Written in classic Dr Who style, it captured the spirit of the T.V series, and I was able to read it as a stand-alone adventure, having not read an EDA since Dreamstone Moon.

The way the Doctor gets on the nerves of anybody in charge with very little effort is very amusing, and reminiscent of the more humorous side of Patrick Troughton's Doctor.

Particularly recommended- a brilliant read!

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