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Not the best, but not terrible either...

By:Matt, Aylesbury
Date:Thursday 23 December 2010
Rating:   5

To be honest this CC is not the best that they've produced - too much of Ace shouting and being tough. However, it's an interesting breather from the Key2Time cycle of stories, and it's an interesting way of developing Zara's character.

Definitely listen to this audio if you want some background to Zara.

Different Sort of Two-Hander

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 23 August 2021
Rating:   7

The Prisoner's Dilemma has an interesting structure unlike other Companion Chronicles stories. Here, narrating duties get traded off between Zara, from the Key 2 Time series with Doctor 5, and Ace. However, they also get some interactive dialogue. Zara narrates Part 1, while Ace narrates most of Part 2. This is the origin story, more or less, for Zara, so here she does not even have a name. Ace finds herself in prison with Zara, whom she knows nothing about. However, they have been interacting with the same dodgy character, Harmonious 14 Zink, each without the other knowing. It's an interesting enough story, with long segments in which the two narrators reflect on the meaning of their existence.

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